Fixed blacksmith holotimer from bugging out until a reboot.

Fixed blacksmith from not forging but still consuming hammer.

Fixed town not forging catalyst if there was no building under construction.

Fixed taj mahal from not giving culture at upkeep (Apex recieved  3 ticks.)

Fixed taj mahal from not being able to pick a policy

Fixed hospital from not giving regeneration bonus if you had an odd amount of hp.

Fixed hospital from giving regeneration to other civs.

Fixed mobs from chasing an archer instead of fightning a knight next to them.

Fixed founder being unable to accept town founding.

Fixed item from being damaged on succesful forging.

Tentative fix for the end gateway.


Changed spy exposure source , since 1.11.2 doesn't allow 2xp bar anymore it was reduced to 1xp bar. All sources of exposure are reduced by 50%.

Changed hospital to be culture wide instead of town wide.

Changed Yobo split , its 1 mini yobo per tier (lesser yobo = 1 , elite yobo = 3 etc)

Broadcast tower will now tell you when someone enter your border.

Using shipyard or stable will now warn the civilization.

Scout tower won't detect player outside their own culture.(Town A scout tower won't spot a player in Town B)


Added victory info on every hourly tick to make sure people are aware that a civilization is getting closer to a victory.

Added some info on when catalyst are done in /build progress.

Added ghast tear in store.