Hello loyal CivCrafters!

   After a very successful first community outreach Q&A last Sunday (May 21; audio can be found on the forums), we are ready to announce the next steps in the CivCraft transition to Shotbow.

  As you may have heard in the event, we plan to change our name to "Civ-War" since the CivCraft name is old and has some negative connotations. Due to that, we've already purchased the new website domain and we are in the process of moving the website over. We ask that everyone go ahead and register at www.civ-war.com since we are not 100% sure how much longer this website will be fully functional.

Additionally, we are looking for some new builders to build for the new Civ-War gamemode. If you are interested, you can apply here: www.civ-war.com/builderapplication

Watch this space (and the new website) for more details in the next few days/weeks!

techno_letsgo of anything going from civcraft to civ-war sounds like a downgrade lol Civ-war sounds like an alpha name
Velencious *skype
Velencious Anyone wanting to help pm one of us on discord :)