In a world where no one else exists; a world completely virgin. 

The time has come again...CivilizationCraft is ready and prepared to be Explored, Settled, Built, and Conquered. 

Join us, starting your adventure at our world's core... spreading your ways and culture throughout the lands to become a dominate Civilization.

On Saturday, April 1 2017 @ 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT | 9pm GMT +2, CivilizationCraft Beta Phase 2 will begin.

Players can connect using Minecraft 1.11.2 using the server ip: ' play.civilizationcraft.net '. 

More knowledgeable or friendly players can apply for helper to keep our world clean. 

A complete change-log will be published within a few days on our website, www.civilizationcraft.net In the meantime, general information can always be found on our wiki at http://civcraft.gamepedia.com/CivCraft1_Wiki Further details can be located on most recent change logs.

Finally, please everyone thank the hard work of Benja and Pepsi of organizing, coding, and developing this new version of CivilizationCraft. 

We hope to see everyone on April 1.

CivilizationCraft Staff

SpectreN7 Will the requirements for founding a Civ still be to get the "national flag" item like in 1.0?
p34c3k33p3r Thank you Benja and Pepsi. Your work is much appreciated by many.
Okonai How to get out of the lobby? :d