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CivilizationCraft  -  Sid Meier's Civilization in Minecraft!
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CivilizationCraft for Minecraft 1.12.2

Join us on April 6th, at at 9pm GMT+2 | 12pm PST | 3pm EST | 5am JST. Ip adress: using Minecraft version 1.12.2 for a new phase of CivilizationCraft

*Our main goal in CivCraft is to build your way from a small camp to a conquering empire and claim victory!

*Just like the Sid Meier's Civilization games, you have to research your way through the technology tree to move through the different technological eras and gain access to better buildings. All the buildings are built for you and provide your Civ with the different resources and bonuses you need throughout the game.

*Expand your claim on the map by training settlers to build more towns. Take advantage of nearby trade goods to give your Civ perks. Become a trade town and setup a market, grocery and bank for other players to use. Build your Civ's defence in preparation for the weekly war, and attack so you can conquer smaller Civs or delay larger Civs from reaching victory. Plan your town layout for the high efficiency, the best defence, or just to look the best!

*So whether you join the server with a group of friends to be the next great victors, join an existing Civ to learn from the veterans, or attack the learning curve and branch out on your own, now is the time to get hooked on CivilizationCraft!

*You can learn how to play the game by reading our wiki at Review our rules at

Find all the details on how to play, the tech tree, etc. on our website,
Join us playing Minecraft 1.12.2 at ''
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Join us using Minecraft 1.12.2 at ''