CivilizationCraft is closing!

Ariktor ADMIN posted 17 hours ago

Hello everyone, thanks for being part of the CivCraft Community. We decided to close CivilizationCraft due upcoming money problems, the playerbase and the future for us in general. It's very sad to see a game that is so long alive to get less and less players but yeah that's how the future is - unpredictable. Thanks alot to Lightmare for working so much on Emperor and thanks alot to Frenror for creating many awesome structures for CivilizationCraft Emperor! Thanks to every Helper, Builder, Tester, Moderator, Developer and Admin for helping out! Gratulations to Celestials for winning Empress 2 and the last phase of CivilizationCraft! If you have any questions you can always PM me in Discord! It's time so say good bye!

biglooc MYSTIC Goodbye, to all the players i met. NVM i am to old for this shit, bye.